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June 2015

BG Magazine Louisville - YPAL Board Member Spotlight

BG: Nick, Why did you joing YPAL?
NM: A couple years ago I heard Scott Colosi, President of Texas Roadhouse, speak at a YPAL event. He was a very captivating speaker. The atmosphere was so laid back and when the event was over, I was able to walk right up and introduce myself to him. I was hooked after that. I started going to the tech committee meetings and eventually became the Director of Technology.

BG: What do you do for a living?
NM: I own McRae Technologies, LLC a software consulting and website design firm in the Louisville area. We started in Indianapolis in 2010 and relocated to the Louisville area in 2012. Along with custom software solutions, we have developed an integration platform used to connect third party systems together that has proven to fill a need in the Restaurant industry, but is applicable for many companies with disconnected systems that rely on manual processes or double entry of data. We also have a Ticket Management solution called Relayd™.

BG: What are some of your favorite YPAL events?
NM: I really liked the S#*! I Wish I Knew series. There was one recently focused on Young Entreprenuers which was very relevant to me and many other young professionals who dream of one day running their own businesses. YPAL does a great job of providing networking time at the beginning of each event so you can meet other young professionals.

BG: What is the best part about YPAL?
NM: The opporunity to meet and build relationships with some of Louisville's most influential people and organizations is my favorite part about YPAL. I believe one of the most important qualities I can have as an entreprenuer is being opportunistic and putting myself in positions where opportunity is likely to present itself.